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Tempered glass is safety glass. It is abbreviated as ESG (in German: Einscheiben Sicherheitsglas).

Tempering of glass increases its strength and in particular:

• it increases resistance to mechanical stress, i.e. tempered glass becomes 5-7 times stronger than regular glass,

• it increases resistance to thermal stress i.e. tempered glass withstands temperature differences up to about 200 ° Degrees, while normal unhardened glass withstands temperature differences of 30 ° Degrees.

A characteristic feature of tempered glass is cracking into tiny pieces with blunt edges, which minimizes the risk of serious damage and injury to people in its surroundings.

Features that flat glass obtains during the tempering process, qualify the material as one of the most often used building material. In construction industry such glass has been used in external glazing as a single unit or a part of glazed units. Tempered glass is often used in the interiors of buildings such as walls, doors, railings, stairs, and even glass floorings. Tempered glass is also a part of the furniture equipment and household appliances. It may be clear, tinted or enameled glass, with coatings or films. The task of the aspects mentioned is to give the glass needed properties.

Tempered glass must meet certain quality requirements. These requirements, as well as the method of testing, are described in the norm PN-EN 12150-1 Fri.: Glass in building. Thermally toughened safety glass soda-calcium-silicate. Part 1: Definitions and description.

To ensure the comfort of the usage of tempered glass in terms of its safety, all manufacturers of glass are obliged to obtain certification of the glass quality produced according to the norms.

Minimum size of glass: 250 x 35 mm
Maximum size of glass: 4200 x 2600mm
Glass thickness: 3 - 19 mm
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