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Sandblasting is a type of glass surface processing;  the surface of the glass is frosted with an abrasive material applied under pressure. The whole process is performed in a computer controlled blasting automat. 

Sandblasting can be used in many ways. It allows to decorate the glass in an unique and inimitable manner. The matte pattern is obtained by violation of the glass surface by bits of abrasive material. The elements that are to remain transparent are protected with a screen while sandblasting. Depth of sandblasting and level of transparency change depending on the pressure of air stream and abrasive material that is used. 

Any kind of pattern may be applied on the produced formats. We are able to produce whichever pattern our Clients wish. We offer high repeatability of sandblasted patterns. Sandblasting is performed on common flat, laminated or tempered glass.



Maximal sheets size: 3300x2550mm 
Minimal format size: 100x100 mm 
Thickness scope: 3 - 40 mm 
Format or sheet shape: Unlimited
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