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Edge finishing


After cutting to a specific size, the edges of the glass formats are sharp and also in irregular shape. To eliminate these defects, the glass format is given to mechanical processing, commonly called grinding; as a result, we are able to obtain a carefully processed edge. This is one of the basic conditions to be fulfilled for a glass format used further on. In order to improve the aesthetic appeal after grinding, the edges of the glass can be further polished. This type of processing can be applied to glass table tops, furniture, glass shelves or other elements of interior design.

An important aspect which is often ignored is the fact, that in the cutting process of the glass there is a possibility of micro-cracks on the edge of a format. Because of edge grinding process, the danger of breakage due to increase of internal stress – caused by mechanical or thermal stresses for example because of sunlight, is significantly reduced. This feature helps in additional edge processing, commonly used in tempered glass ESG.


Maximum dimension of the glass for straight polish: 3300x2100 mm
Maximum dimension of the glass for curved polish: 3300x2100 mm
Minimum glass dimensions: 40 x 40 mm
Scope of thickness: 3-30 mm
Types of edge finish: matte or polished


Standard edge finish types:

C- edge

Trapezoid edge

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