1. How do I report a complaint and what is necessary to do that?

Complaints must be reported by telephone to sales representatives or directly to wholesale complaints department (p: +48 52 33 40 821 or +48 784 657 145). After connecting, you will be properly directed with further proceedings.

We distinguish complaints due to the nature of the report:

1. Complaints resulting from physical damage of the delivered goods (breakages)

2. Complaints resulting from reduced quality of delivered goods.

If breakage is noticed during the delivery control, immediately check its scale (how much of the goods are damaged), take photographs of the problem and a complete breakage report, which must be signed by the driver who delivered the goods. The protocol is always attached to the sales documents (invoice and packing list).

If the complaint occurs due to the reduced quality of the product, provide the exact amount of defective glass, photograph all defects and report the problem to the patronizing sales representative or directly to wholesale complaints department (p: +48 52 33 40 821 or +48 784 657 145 ), followed by email to the sales representatives or directly to the wholesale claims department (sabina.wolter@wutkowski.com.pl)

Regardless of the nature of the complaint photos, description of the problem and exact expectations with regards to solving the problem must be provided; faulty glass must not be utilized until permitted by the seller.

Each time, in case of any questions or concerns, sales representatives and the complaint department are at your disposal.

2. How to solve complaints?

After receiving appropriate materials (photos, description of the event, additional samples with defects and confirmation of availability of the claimed product)
complaints department proceeds with the complaint. Please keep in mind that at this stage the supplier of the raw materials reserves the right to perform a quality visit, or to receive damaged goods to confirm the problem.

Every time you will be informed about the end of the procedure and its result.

3. How long does it take for the complaint to be finalized?

The complaint is verified internally; if it results from physical damage during delivery - this procedure takes up to 30 working days starting from the day of reporting.

However, in the case of a complaint resulting from a reduced quality, claims like this are placed at our suppliers and they are analyzed by taking into account the amount of defects and inconformity to the norms. We cannot predict the exact duration of such applications; however, such processes should not take longer than 3 months.

4. What glass faults are considered as unacceptable?

Any defects in the glass defined by the norm PN - EN - 572 are valid.

If you did not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us: sekretariat@wutkowski.com.pl




If you don't find answer to the your question, please contact:  sekretariat@wutkowski.com.pl

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