About us

Not only work

Wutkowski Company is one of the major companies working in the region.

Our strategy is based not only on the business sphere (on providing quality of service and appropriate level of customer service).

Our strategy also includes social and charity activities and active involvement in realizations of significant local events.

See what we do afterhours!

Wild Wild West - family picnic

Everyday life is sometimes boring... Sometimes we need a change.

At the beginning of September 2015 we organized a family picnic for about 400 people.

Sheriff Joe was there to watch us over: we were jailed for reprehensible behavior..

A rodeo bull was there and everyone wanted to tame it..

A climbing wall for the brave ones..

Huge soap bubbles for the little ones..

Real Indians were there.

But most importantly, thanks to the commitment of all participants of the picnic, we could help three-year-old girl in her fight against a serious disease.

Young and talented!

The young proteges of Jacek Napiontek - "Tucholanka Wutkowski Tuchola" juniors bravely represent our company during each match.

Exceptional guests at our company. Legends of Polish highways.

At the beginning of July 2015 Lovers of Historic Vehicles organized a Family Picnic.

During the rally at Bory Tucholskie participants decided to visit our company.

Dozens of vintage vehicles, nearly a hundred people, the sound of antique engines and unique costumes, reflecting the atmosphere of the old days made us reflect for a while upon the legends of Polish highways.


More than one hundred people took part in kayaking at the end of June 2014. Ten-kilometer stretch of the route Mlynky - Wdecki Młyn was not a problem for us. We arrived at the place ahead of time, where a number of interesting attractions waited for us. At the end, we had a chance to see our colleagues performance, who devote some of their free time to fire-show.


We checked our skills on the kart track. The fight was extremely fierce and the results were amazing… It turned out that women in our company are much better drivers!

LADY PANK’s concert in Sliwice

In 2014, we supported the organization of Days of Sliwice Commune. We had the opportunity to host the unique band at the Sliwice Stadium - Lady Pank.
Photos from the concert below.

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